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Another Bangkok Quest

So I know I haven’t written much lately but nothing too exciting has been going on. Officially midterms were this week, though I have yet to have one…I’ve got a take home one this weekend for Buddhism class and then a written midterm for Thai on Tuesday evening that I’m a bit nervous about. On our latest Thai test I scored a 99%, only missing 1 point as I mixed up the word for “look” (du).

This weekend (actually later today) I am heading to Bangkok again to apply for my visa for Vietnam. I am going to take various pieces of advice and stick in the northern part. I purchased a Lonely Planet book and some of the highlights in the north include Sapa (very close to China…hilltribes), and Halong Bay, supposedly Vietnam’s natural wonder and also a World Heritage site. These are both accessible from Hanoi, which I’ll use as my base. I may use Bangkok as a base for some smaller trips this weekends…possibly to the floating market, but I’m going to play it by ear.


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