Flip-Flopping my Schedule

Well, I dropped my Ethics in the Media class. Today was no better and I realized that I would be rather miserable spending 7 more weeks in the class. So I dropped it and replaced it with a class called Buddhism East & West, which is taught by my Intro. to Buddhism class last term, so I know he’s good. Other than that classes are OK. My Thai II teacher isn’t nearly as together as the teacher I had last term is, so that doesn’t seem like it will be as beneficial as Thai I, but should still be good.

Anyways, tomorrow morning I head to Bangkok once again to buy a new digital camera and drop off my absentee ballot at the American Embassy. From there I will be going to Kanchanaburi for the weekend, site of the “Bridge on the River Kwai” and the infamous “Death Railway,” both of which were built by POW’s of the Japanese during World War II, thousands of which perished in the construction. This trip should be exciting as I’m going with a couple of friends of mine who are meeting me in Bangkok on Friday. Should be fun, so check back for updates!


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