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One Night in Bangkok

Hehe. Anyone remember that song? “One night in Bangkok and the worlds your oyster…” Couldn’t resist using it as a title. That song in remix form is quite popular here. Anyways, Bangkok is exactly where I am! I decided to spend the night here as my flight to Hanoi leaves in the morning, from the brand new Suvarnabhumi (pronounced Soowhanapoom) Airport…hope they don’t lose my luggage, as their system crashed the other day and nearly all the bags missed their flights!

Anyways, consistent with the idea that travel in Thailand never goes as planned was my afternoon. I had this idea to come home after my morning exam, pack, and be off to Bangkok by like 2pm or so. Well, the lady who does my laundry (who I gave my clothes to on Monday) did not have my clothes ready last night..and she promised me she’d have them at 1pm today. Well, guess what? I had no clothes! Apparently they just got around to washing them this morning and my socks were still damp (air dry). I finally got my clothes and left around 3:45pm. Oh well, at least my clothes were free!

Anyways, I got here and had made a reservation at the hostel I had stayed at the first time I was here…the one with the nice garden setting right by the Sky Train. Speaking of the Sky Train, I had a helluva time dealing on it with my large backpack…I couldn’t fit through the entry gates to the fare paid area and of course the train was totally packed as usual, so I couldn’t move without hitting someone with my bag!

I did not do much here today, as I didn’t arrive till around 6:30pm. I did take the subway to check out this huge night market which was pretty cool and lively, including it’s own rock concert. The place was not cheap though, especially with beverages! Anyways, now I’m back by my hostel and will be going to bed soon (I didn’t sleep much the past few days with finals and all).

Anyways, tomorrow I will be arriving in Hanoi, where I will spend the next couple of days. Check back for daily blog updates! By the way, I’m really excited about the prospect of a new adventure! Till tomorrow!

P.S. Random sidenote, but this keyboard has Thai script. My nickname for Thai class is เอ๋ (which is pronounced Aey, with a rising tone…it sounds a bit like “Eh” as the Canadians are known for). Righty-o then!


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