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Vietnam Bound

Hoorah! I’m 2/3 of the way through my finals! Today I had the two that worried me the most–an essay exam for Thai Ways and also a 15 minute oral exam for Thai Language. I think they both went pretty well. Tomorrow I have my essay exam for my Intro to Buddhism class. I’ve been working on that now, and I’m feeling okay about it. Gotta think of clever ways to explain it though so that my teacher isn’t reading the same paper over and over again!

Anyways, after all the stress of this week I will also be heading to Bangkok tomorrow evening (Thursday) to spend the night before I fly off to Hanoi, Vietnam on Friday morning!! I still need to pack in addition to more studying for my Buddhism class. I can do some packing tomorrow afternoon before heading up to Bangkok (where FYI there is flooding right now!) This is all happening so fast! I can’t believe I’ll be in Vietnam in 48 hours!

My agenda for Vietnam includes of course a few days in Hanoi, as well as a trip to Sapa in the mountainous north (like right next to China) and also a trip to the natural wonder that is Halong Bay, a World Heritage Site. It should be very exciting! It won’ quite be the same experience I had in Laos but I can’t wait to get out and see more of the world, even though it will be a very small portion (though I only saw a very small part of Laos as well).

As I progress through my trip, I will be posting blog updates on a daily basis starting today, though for obvious reasons, I won’t be able to add photos while I’m on the road. The next time I write will be from Bangkok again, and then the following night from Hanoi!


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