Long and fun night

Okay I’m alive, I’m alive. I’m in Bangkok and things are just fine. I didn’t get a chance to write last night as I did something completely uncharacteristic of myself and went out with some friends to some bars and clubs, neither of which are exactly my thing at all, but I figured, hey, why not live a little right?

Anyways, I came up with 3 other people, and I’ve gotta say that at times I was reminded as to why I enjoy traveling solo. Once in Bangkok, we took a lot of time trying to meet up again (we’re all staying in different places) and then went shopping in multiple locations because one of my friends wanted a shirt. It wasn’t all bad by any means, but some parts of the day were quite dull and uneventful. Really, aside from going out at night, nothing terribly exciting happened at all!
I am again staying at a hostel, though a different one this time. I’d booked a room online and actually paid a deposit as well. When I got there to check in though, they couldn’t find my reservation at all! Eventually they did find it, but it was quite a frustrating experience. And then, there was the fact about the air-conditioning.

The dorm room was advertised as having air-con, but they would only turn it on at night is there were 3 people or more staying in the room. Including myself there were only two of us. The cost of the room was 290 baht and I felt that I should not have to pay the same price for a room with a fan than I would for a room with air-con, because if you go to any hotel in this city, there is a significant price difference between a room with a fan and a room with air-con. They put me on the phone with the manager who I had a frustrating conversation with as he kept arguing his point. Fine, air-con is expensive to operate, I know. But he wasn’t listening to my side either. At one point he even mentioned something about the way things are here and laws in this country. That one really got me, because I live here and I know that it’s just their policy, not some traditional thing! Finally he did offer to lower the price of the room to 250 baht!
Anyways, that’s all I’ve really got to say for now. Despite my dislike of bars and clubs, I must say that I did have a great time last night (I just wish I’d gone to bed a bit earlier!

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