Off the Tourist Trail!!

Greetings from a town I believe is called Sri Rachani (สรีราชานี…I think)! Anyways, after I wrote last night I made my way back to Sukhumvit Road to see about catching the airport bus, which I’d been told by friends who used it and the desk staff at my hotel, that it ran along that road. However, the information counters at both the Sky Train and Subway stations gave me conflicting information and it was getting later, so I ended up taking a taxi anyways, which proved to be a great idea, as it was only 20 baht more than the airport bus would have cost me, and the driver managed to avoid the toll roads too, which saved me 65 baht right there! At the airport I got to play the waiting game, and did rather enjoy the people watching while I waited for my friend to arrive. I missed him coming out of the Customs gate, but he eventually found me!

Today we poked around Bangkok’s shopping area a bit, exploring the numerous malls, inclduing MBK, my all time favorite. Around 3pm we made our way to the Eastern Bus Station to catch a bus over here, where we could catch a ferry to the island we decided to visit, Ko Si Chang. However, in the great spirit of travel in the region, nothing ever goes as planned, including this trip!

The bus left late and then ended up taking 4 hours instead of the 1 and 3/4 hours Lonely Planet said it should take. By the time we got here we’d missed the last ferry, so we’re spending the night here. It’s actually kind of cool, as this is the least touristy place I’ve been to in Thailand. There’s apparantly a large Japanese population too, as the Japanese restaurants outnumbered the Thai restaurants. Oh the irony of my friend being here form Japan! We had Japanese food for dinner as it was almost our only option!

Anyways, tomorrow we’re gonna get an early start and check out this island. We’ll head back to Bangkok tomorrow evening. Till later!


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