As Spotted on the Subway NYC

As spotted on the Subway…

MetroCardNew Yorkers are big dog fans, which seems like a rather odd thing. This isn’t exactly the most dog friendly place with the abundance of cramped apartments and lack of backyards and space for the dogs to run around. That doesn’t seem to stop people thought, as dogs on the street are an all too common sight. New Yorkers seem to love to their pooches and are even great about cleaning up after them. Even many businesses are fine about letting people bring their dogs in.

Today I saw a rather unique sight. There was a lady on the Subway who had a little dog in her purse. It was very well behaved, and happily nibbling away at a rubber band she had in between her fingers. I wouldn’t have even known their was a dog there had I not seen it. I’m used to seeing strange things around the City, especially on Subway (spotting people dressed as say, Spider Man around Times Square isn’t uncommon at all) but this really stood out as a little bizarre to me.

Why on Earth would anyone need to take the Subway with their dog? Do they just bring their dog with them eveywhere? The dog was in her purse too….almost like….a fashion accessory?

I think this might be one of those times when it’s better to just not ask questions!


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