Holiday Windows

So, I’ve heard of the famous Macy’s holiday window displays (which I have yet to see), but I didn’t realize that many of the big name department stores went all out for the holidays! I was pleasantly surprised when I happened to walk by Bergdorf Goodman on Fifth Ave yesterday and witnessed their beautifully arranged window displays! Check out the pics below!

Oh, and P.S., Fifth Ave seems a bit like the Las Vegas Strip, with many of the stores employing gimmicks to get people in, be it dramatic Christmas light displays, fancy window displays, or even, in the case of Abercrombie & Fitch, live in store models posed just as their rather controversial in store photos are (there was one visibly standing in the doorway). The line to get into Abercrombie wrapped around the block! Clearly, scantily clad attractive men draw the crowds!

Anyways here are the Bergdorf windows (click on the pics to make them bigger):

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