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More NYC Holiday Magic–Grand Central Light Show

Today I’m showcasing Grand Central Terminal (as it is officially called)’s Holiday light show, featuring projections set to music cascading over the walls and ceiling of the main concourse (you know…what Grand Central is famous for). It’s pretty cool, and manages to stop just about everyone dead in their tracks (umm…no pun intended…) to watch it. I recorded the beginning and end of it with my camera, which you can see below.

Also, on a sidenote, I have an addition to the ever-growing list of bizarre sightings in the Subway. Now street musicians are a pretty common sight, both above ground and in Subway stations (heck even on the trains sometimes). Sometimes people decide to sing, and usually when they do, it’s pretty bad. Like, really bad. There was a guy I saw last week who had a whole stereo system set up that was playing music he was singing along too. Well, singing isn’t really the right word…it was more of yelling while sounding like a sick cat or something. Thank goodness his stereo system started to cut out, and apparently he couldn’t “sing” a cappella (that’s without accompaniment for you non-music folks). Just tonight there was a guy who had a whole keyboard set up and was doing a pretty good job of creating a rock beat on it. Shame his singing was so terrible…people walking past him were laughing!

Aaaanyways, here are the videos and some pics from the Grand Central Kaleidoscope Light Show:



And…the Photos:


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