The Art of Hailing a Taxi

Hailing a Taxi in NYC really is an art. Especially when you’re carrying a very large box that you can barely hold, as was my experience today! I must admit that I hardly every take Taxis….really it’s only when someone else is paying for it (as in a show). But I have picked up on a pattern of just how New Yorkers flag down a cab. It really isn’t flagging, as much as just sticking your arm out. Well, out and in the air slightly (honestly, it kind of looks like a certain thing associated with Hitler…..).

Also, a very common mistake made by tourists is that it’s actually very easy to tell which taxis are available because they have their top light on. If the light isn’t on, then don’t try flagging down the taxi…you’ll just look stupid. It’s actually rather amusing watching tourists get frustrated at all the taxis who are ignoring them….usually they’ll flagging down hired cabs, or simply flagging them just plain wrong.

Then of course, there’s the off chance you could try and flag down a fake taxi. The cops brilliantly use some taxis for undercover work. The thing is, they ride around in them in uniform, so if you’re close and they’re stopped at a red light, and say it’s summer and their windows are open, you can clearly see that it’s actually the cops!

I just wish that just one of these random times I have to take a cab, I wind up in the Cash Cab (which if you didn’t know is a fantastic game show on the Discovery Channel which takes place in a real NYC Taxi Cab). Given how often I take cabs, I doubt it will ever happen, but hey, I can dream, right?

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