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I’ve spent the past 2 days in Arizona. It started out yesterday with a family gathering in Phoenix which was fun. I was particularly amazed at just how big the Phoenix metropolitan area is. It took is at least 15 minutes to get just about anywhere in the city.

Today, we set out heading north towards Flagstaff. As we headed up I-17 (which interestingly enough, only runs between Flagstaff and Phoenix), we decided to stop and see Montezuma’s Castle National Monument. The site is a stunningly preserved cliff dwelling that spans 6 stories and is quite high off the ground. It’s fascinating to think of how people could have ever lived there, though the diagrams helped.
After we made our way onto Arizona route 89A, which took us through Sedona and its famous red rock all the way through Oak Canyon as it wound its way to Flagstaff. We had decided shortly after leaving Montezuma’s Castle that we wanted to head to the Grand Canyon and made arrangements to spend tonight in a town called Cameron, located 54 miles north of Flagstaff on the Navajo reservation. The town is primarily comprised of an old trading post-turned tourist trap.
Given the spontaneity of our trip, we didn’t exactly plan for weather other than the mid to high 70’s which it was in Phoenix (actually in the low 80’s yesterday). By the time we made it to Flagstaff (at 7,000 feet) it was snowing! Fortunately, we made it past the snow and it’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow when we head to the Grand Canyon.
Stay tuned…

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I have not checked out the castle yet but I’ll definitely have to. As for the Grand Canyon, it was pretty but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would.

Well Montezuma’s Castle isn’t actually a castle per say. And I was rather underwhelmed with the Grand Canyon as well. Granted it was FREEZING!

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