Two Months to Go!

Exactly 2 months from today I’ll be enjoying a trans-Pacific flight with (hopefully) a taste of the spectacular service that Asian airlines are known for. Aside from figuring out what travel insurance I should get and fighting with my current dastardly health insurance over allowing me to get “vacation supplies” of my prescriptions for the time I’m gone (and whether they’ll cover my Typhoid Fever booster, which they won’t), December is a bit of a slow month in trip land. Things will really kick into high gear come January when I need to apply for my Chinese Visa and deal with the realities of leaving my life behind for 2 months!

In the meantime, we’ve been experiencing a cold downturn in weather here in NYC (our first snow was last Saturday and we aren’t supposed to top 30 tomorrow). I am fortunate enough to work in an office in northern Manhattan with a high rise view of Midtown and the Hudson. The shifts in weather have made for some really interesting skies in the past few days. Check out the photos below!
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