Say What?? Travel Photo: The Smell of Foot Prints

Less Foot Prints, More Aroma

Ah nature. It’s just wonderful to relax that quick pace and stop to smell…the footprints?

“Less Foot Prints, More Aroma.” I don’t even know what to say to that. I mean, is that to say that you should walk less and smell worse? Or is it perhaps and indication that your feet smell?

What I do know is that this sign was spotted outside the “Old Town” in the UNESCO World Heritage Town of Lijiang in China’s Yunnan province. An elaborate entryay gave way to the preserved historical architecture, but before you hit said entryway stood a number of signs similar to the one above. Chinese proverbs perhaps? Who knows?

This sign is open to so many different interpretations. Walk less so you can smell the aromas of town? Walk less so you don’t smell bad…err, smell better? Walk less because your shoes smell? Now wait a minute, shoes don’t usually smell, unless of course you have smelly feet…or if you stepped in something rather unpleasant…

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