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Say What?? Travel Photo: Internet

Picture, if you will, a town packed to the brim with backpackers who come to get trashed. A town that long ago lost its soul and solely relies on pandering to the foreigners’ every need, even going so far as to rocket their tubing to fabled status thanks to the additions of bars! This is a town that I absolutely despised…Vang Vieng, Laos: a town that I originally dubbed “Backpacker Hell.”

English is widely spoken by nearly every single person in town, be it to attract unsuspecting youngsters into one particular restaurant over it’s identical twin(s). And, generally speaking, that English was correct, both in grammar and spelling. That is, except for the place I went every day to use the internet:

"Supper Hi-Speed"

I might add that this place didn’t sell supper and it’s WiFi wasn’t super high-speed either…

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