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The Friday Five: January 28, 2011

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Welcome to this week’s installment of The Friday Five, featuring five of my favorite travel blog posts for you to check out! Think of it as a great way to introduce you to some awesome new bloggers who are having some truly incredible adventures! Here are my picks for this week:

How to Avoid Being Being Ripped Off By Taxi Drivers

Earl of Wandering Earl fame has written this truly exceptional piece, offering his observations from his 11 or so years of traveling about cab fares around the world. His advice on how to avoid being ripped off just might surprise you too…

Don’t Be a Hooker Unless You’re Into That Sort of Thing

Nick of Locationless has a knack for writing some real thought provoking material. In this inspirational post he wrote back in November, he asks you to take a long hard look at what you’re doing with your life. Are you compromising your values? Maybe that’s not such a good thing…

Sleeping On a Bed of Straw in Switzerland (and the story of a big pizza)

Meet Jack and Jill. They like to travel the world and even have a blog about it. They have a charming little story that is pretty self described by its title. But it’s still a pretty cool experience…I mean, it’s literally a bed of straw. And yes, there’s a big pizza for a good price too!

Photo: Iguazu Falls

Magda over at Destination World snapped this truly stunning picture of Brazil’s famous Iguazu Falls. Seriously, it’s that impressive…

How to Live at Home and Not Go Insane

Stephanie from Twenty-Something Travel has written this helpful guide to tell you that living at home with your parents really isn’t the end of the world, especially if you’re trying to save up some money for a round-the-world (RTW) adventure!

If you’re a fellow travel blogger and would like to bring one of your posts to my attention, please let me know in the comments below!


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Absolutely Nick! You’ve got some really fantastic content! And I think I’ll leave the thinking through in hookers to you… πŸ˜›

No problem Earl! I’m a big fan of your site! Keep up the great work and I’m glad that some of the posts featured here are new to you!

Hello Aaron,

Great serie, I read a few of these articles, looking forward to reading all of these articles. Keep up the good work, the 2nd post made me laugh, lol.

Best regards,


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