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Say What?? Travel Photo: Massage Room

When you arrive in Shangri-La, you’ll notice one thing. You have to do a lot of walking! Much like some other historic “old towns” in China’s Yunnan province (like Lijiang or Dali), Shangri-La’s “old town” is free of vehicular traffic, leaving the cobblestone streets looking quite picturesque!

Old Town Street

And if the streets aren’t enough, you could always climb a hill to visit the temple and attempt to spin it’s giant prayer wheel!

Temple in Shangri-La

Man Turns Giant Prayer Wheel

But when you’ve had enough, there’s always a place you can go for a nice massage. Because after a hard day’s work, what could be better than relaxing a bit, right? Well, Shangri-La has the solution for you!

"Tired has rested the massage room"

As far as I can read this, if you’re tired, you’ll be rested at this massage room….or something…

What do you think this says?

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