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Say What?? Travel Photo: Love the Monkey, Fear the Monkey!

Emei Shan, one of China’s 4 Buddhist peaks, has a whole lot of 3 things: Buddhist Temples. Signs, and Monkeys. While the temples are wonderful. the signs can be a bit hilariously confusing and even, at times, detached from reality. Like, say, this one:

"Cherish monkeys at the moment of entertainment. which are good friends of mankind."

So you’re supposed to like the monkeys because they entertain you and are friendly to people. This couldn’t possibly be further from the truth!

Emei Shan’s monkeys are pure evil! Sounds like an outrageous statement, right? I mean, their just monkeys, right? No. These monkeys are used to hikers and are quite adept at getting exactly what they want out them. How, you may ask? By brute force!

Think I’m kidding? Think again! These seemingly harmless “charming” animals are rabid beasts! When they want something, they reach out and grab it. You resist, they will fight you!

Ever gotten into a struggle with a monkey? Trust me, it’s quite a terrifying experience! I would know…I had to fight one just to keep my walking stick that I paid a whole 2 yuan for (US$0.30)!

But the price of resistance can be even greater. At a stop for dinner on the hike up, I met a guide who was missing a few fingers. The cause? You guessed it: Monkeys.

Monkey Crossing!

Now, just look at that monkey wandering the path towards its next prey. That is the face of evil! See the people standing behind that monkey in pure terror? The mother holding back her son for his own well being?

There’s a lesson in all of this: If you go to Emei Shan, don’t trust the signs. It could just cost you your fingers…!

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6 replies on “Say What?? Travel Photo: Love the Monkey, Fear the Monkey!”

Monkeys… I’m sure you’ve seen their fangs. They’re not ones to mess with. I don’t find them cute, they’re like bratty 3 year olds with fangs. *shiver*

Anyway, I just came across your blog. Really enjoyed your adventure in China. Bookmarked some of them. Will try to make it to Emei Shan too when we’re in China.

Three-year olds with fangs…I LOVE it!! With perhaps the
mentality of a tiger! And during the Emei Shan trek, numerous
threatened me with menacing glances as they showed off those freaky

Glad you’re enjoying my blog! When are you off to China??

Lol! Uh YEAH! What is that they say in all those in flight safety briefings? Help yourself before helping your child?

Twisted logic perhaps? Or maybe that’s the Buddhist precept about how you aren’t supposed to harm living creatures…

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