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Say What?? Travel Photo: Save the Trees!

All this week, you’ve been seeing signs from Emei Shan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its significance as a Buddhist peak and the historic temples that line its slopes. But today’s sign isn’t about protecting valuables or telling you to like monkeys when you should really fear them; it’s a little saying about nature:

"To give the old-aged and famous trees some concern. they offer you more oxygen and green shade."

A Chinese proverb perhaps? Well, regardless of what this is, it’s understandable why they would want to protect their trees. After all, their landscape is so very lush that it makes the hike up quite serene, at least till you get to the point where you can’t see anything anymore due to all the fog…

Emei Shan Greenery

Foggy Trees at Emei Shan
And…the fog!

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It’s possible. It wasn’t windy when I was there, but they are on the side of a mountain, which I’m sure leaves them exposed to many different elements. It is curious though how the surrounding trees don’t seem to be affected at all…

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