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Say What?? Travel Photo: Dogs

Hong Kong is an incredible city. I could move there tomorrow and be really happy. Just the wonder of stunning architecture along with the hybrid of old and new, it is a city of dichotomies, one which offers you numerous options to get into the wilderness! Sometimes that means getting out of “town” onto an empty island (yes they exist) or something or heading up to Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island. Or, you could just take a stroll in Hong Kong Park. It’s an great place to sit down amongst the trees and admire that world class architecture, like the famous Bank of China Building

Bank of China Building at Night

But being in the middle of Hong Kong Island (effectively Hong Kong’s downtown business district, better known as Central), the authorities certainly have a vested interest in keeping this park clean. And I’m not just talking traditional litter here. I’m talking about that thing all those signs I see all over Manhattan ask you not to do…curb your dog.

And it seems that in Hong Kong Park, it isn’t enough for you to simply pick up after your dog. No, no…if you curb your dog, you could face prosecution! That…or whatever this sign says….

"Anyone allowing their dog to foul in public place will risk prosecution"

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8 replies on “Say What?? Travel Photo: Dogs”

Using foul in that way brings far more innapropriate things to mind. Or maybe I’m just crazy…

Interesting! We didn’t see any of those signs when we were in Hong Kong, but I would have loved to have seen what people did if their dog did go on the grass! I know I couldn’t control mine outside!!

Also, why do you love Hong Kong so much?! Just wondering, while we didn’t hate it, definitely couldn’t move there!

Haha! Alas, I didn’t see any dogs doing their business, so I couldn’t tell you.

Why do I love Hong Kong so much…oddly enough because, in many ways, it’s a lot like NYC, where I live and absolutely adore. It’s a huge, incredibly diverse city on a series of islands. I love the fact that regardless where you are, you can get to areas of complete wilderness pretty quickly without even leaving the city. It’s a wonderful mix of East and West and seems to have a lot of character. And perhaps best of all? I’m a real big sucker for incredible architecture and Hong Kong has PLENTY of that! 🙂

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