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The Friday Five: March 4, 2011

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Welcome to this week’s installment of The Friday Five, featuring five of my favorite travel blog posts for you to check out! Think of it as a great way to introduce you to some awesome new bloggers who are having some truly incredible adventures! Here are my picks for this week:

A Love Letter to China: 5 Reasons I Have a Crush on My New Home

Sally, also known as the Unbrave Girl, just moved to Wuxi, China, not too far away from the megalopolis of Shanghai.  In this exceptionally well written post, she details her fantastic first impressions about everything she loves about the “Middle Kingdom.” Having visited last year, I have to agree!

Statistics Can Suck It

Talon is the single father of 1 Dad, 1 Kid, 1 Crazy Adventure and is getting ready to show his young son Tigger the world. But here’s the thing…Being a non-traditional family (on multiple levels) fits them into a lot of statistics,many of which aren’t terribly positive. In this truly inspiring post, Talon talks about challenging “the odds” and breaking through those statistics to live a truly fantastic life!

Let Your Thoughts & Dreams Consume You

Jaime of Breakaway Backpacker left on his round-the-world (RTW) trip on Tuesday. Prior his departure, he wrote this impassioned post that captures the essence of pre-departure excitement, a feeling that anyone who has ever gone an extended backpacking adventure knows well!

The “Things I Learned, People I Met” Edition: 2011 New York Times Travel Show

Last weekend I had the distinct pleasure of going to the 2011 New York Times Travel Show, which was a huge blast! Aside from the joy of it being all travel all the time (not to mention a truly awesome seminar with Rick Steves), the absolutely highlight was all the amazing travel bloggers I got to connect with! One of those was Charu from Butterfly Diary, who has written a wonderful write up of the show and the wonderful night that followed!

The Day US Customs Found a Bullet in My Pocket

Full disclosure here: This isn’t a terribly recent post. And I’ve already featured a post by Earl of Wandering Earl. But the fact is, this is hands down one of the greatest travel blog posts I have ever read. This is a riveting story and the title pretty much says it all. This is what happens when you’ve been to the Middle East and US Customs finds a bullet in your pocket! Warning…it’s not pretty….

If you’re a fellow travel blogger and would like to bring one of your posts to my attention, please let me know in the comments below!


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Absolutely Sally! Loved your post and it definitely brought me back to my time in China! Enjoy your new love affair!

Agreed! Such an incredible story! It definitely sticks in my mind (along with his Taliban story!).

I really appreciate you including my story Aaron and for the kind words as well! I’m just hoping there won’t be a Part 2 to the tale when I cross back into the US next time after my recent trip to the Middle East 🙂

Any time Earl! I’m a big fan of your writing and will certainly be curious to see the sequel when you come back with Iraqi passport stamps!

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