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Say What?? Travel Photo: Pizza

You’re familiar with how pizza works, right? Usually you have several pre-made choices and then are able to add your own toppings. Sounds pretty straightforward, right?

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Well….this isn’t your ordinary pizza place on the streets 0f Manhattan. No, no…this is pizza in China!

You’re probably thinking, “but I’ve never seen pizza on the restaurant at a Chinese restaurant!,” and you would be correct! You only find these tasty pies at restaurants that cater to foreigners. They’re super easy to find in touristy places.

And with foreigners comes the need for English translations, which is, of course, where the fun comes in! Like this menu that I stared at in the town of Dali, located a few hours south of the much more famous city of Lijiang.

"Choose Yourself Liking It"

So, go ahead! Choose yourself liking it! Like banana pizza? You got it!

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