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Cheap Eats at Seattle’s Food Trucks

“Travel your taste buds.” It’s a common phrase that’s tossed around. But what if your wallet says otherwise? Well, I have the perfect solution for you! Scope out the local food truck scene!

If you haven’t discovered the true wonders of food trucks, you’re probably thinking, “But why would I eat street food when there are so many good restaurants around?” This isn’t quite street food, my friend, it’s a culinary experience in truck form! I’m talking gourmet food coming from a roaming vehicle that is very reasonably priced.

I first discovered the wonders of food trucks as I roamed the streets of New York City (where I am fortunate enough to reside), taking me on culinary journeys for under US$10! So when I arrived in Seattle before heading up to Vancouver for TBEX, I knew what I had to do: I took to Twitter, asking my followers, “Hey #Seattle #Foodies! What are the best #FoodTrucks in town??” to which I got some fantastic responses. The end result? A culinary tour of Seattle! Here were the ones I absolutely recommend you scope out:


It’s hard to miss this truck as it is likely one of the strangest looking vehicles you have ever seen. I mean, it’s shaped like a pig… Don’t believe me?


This fine truck is the purveyor of the most incredible pulled pork sandwich I have ever had. There. I said it. Does that raise your expectations a bit? But seriously, if you like pork, this truck is a must try. When you take that first bite into the messy sandwich you could swear you are in heaven. It’s a steal at only $6.36! They also share an owner with a company that creates some fine handcrafted cheese, which they will be happy to add to your sandwich for you. It is just divine!

Minimus Pork Sandwich

The name is derived from the choice you have in ordering. Nearly all of their dishes are available in two styles: Maximus (usually spicier) and Minimus (usually sweeter and tangier). In addition to pork sandwiches, they also serve chicken sandwiches and slaw (which is supposedly fantastic).

If you want to scope them out, you can find them on Twitter (@somepigseattle) where they will be happy to tweet you their location!

Lumpia World

Would you stand in a long line for a Lumpia? What’s that, you say? You don’t know what a Lumpia is? Well, pull up a chair and let me tell you!

A Lumpia is, in essence, a spring roll of sorts that has a Filipino origin. But forget those Vietnamese spring rolls that probably popped into your head! Instead, take an even longer wrapper, put it around a delectable filling, fry it in vegetable oil and add an amazing sauce for dipping and you have….deliciousness! These are fillings that include a variety of meats with their own unique blend of seasoning and seasonal vegetables. It is a truly delectable snack ($1.25 each) or meal if you order a few (an order of 4 comes with rice for a total of $6). Fear not you vegetarians, they have Lumpias for you too!

If a fancy spring rolls doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can sample one of their other enticing looking Filipino delicacies, all served out of a nifty little trailer!

Lumpia World

You can track down Lumpia World on Twitter (@LumpiaWorld ) to find out where they’re located!


Make way for the Ice Cream Truck! Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you visit the ice cream truck that you chased after as a child. No, no. Try this organic gourmet ice cream that is made from scratch instead! Sounds haute, right?

Before you go about judging, feast your eyes on the flavors, which include Meyer Lemon, Star-Anise, Earl Gray, Chocolate Chai and the truly delectable Mint Stracciatella, which isn’t bright green and doesn’t taste like peppermint candies. Instead they use actual spearmint leaves in the ice cream, making it’s flavor so cool, refreshing and minty that you’ll never be able to eat plain old mint ice cream again! Trust me when I say that $4 per scoop is worth the money!

Photo Credit

What’s more, the chef and owner of Parfait, Adria Shimada, is a wonderful person to have a conversation with, making you feel like you’re suddenly standing in a small town where everybody knows each other.

Like the others, Parfait can be tracked down on Twitter (@ParfaitIceCream)ย for location updates!

And Those I Didn’t Get to Try…

I also heard raves from my Twitter followers about a couple other trucks that I didn’t get to try… The first? Skillet, a truck with their take on American comfort food (@skilletstfood). The second? Where Ya At Matt, known for their unique take on Creole Soul Food (@Where YaAtMatt).

What do you look for food-wise when you travel? Do you have any favorite food trucks in Seattle?ย 


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28 replies on “Cheap Eats at Seattle’s Food Trucks”

I haven’t had a lot of experience eating at food trucks…after reading this, I’ll definitely be more open to giving them a try! Hope to get to Seattle before the year is out, so I’ll keep your suggestions in mind!

Food trucks are awesome Marsha! Remember those waffles we were talking about? Yeah, they’re from an NYC food truck! ๐Ÿ˜€

i didn’t get a chance to hunt down any food trucks during our short stay in seattle, but that just means i will have to do that for the next trip. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hahaha well when it comes to barbecue, I don’t think there’s any contest. ๐Ÿ˜›

Thanks a lot for posting about the Seattle foodtruck scene and to include us in your post! I’m so glad you love our pulled pork so much! Let us know if you’re ever back in Seattle. In the meantime, have you been by Beecher’s New York yet?

My pleasure! You’ve got one fine product there! And there’s a Beecher’s in New York??

Yeah! We just opened a Beecher’s at the end of June! It’s down in the Flatiron district, E 20th & Broadway. There’s a restaurant there called the Cellar too!

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

You know I walked by it the other night and was quite excited to finally see it! I’ll definitely have to check it out! Thanks for the tip!

I remember seeing Maximus Minimus on Eat Street on the Food Network and the food looked really good. I’ll definitely keep it, and these other suggestions in mind the next time I go to Seattle.

For sure! They’re definitely my new food obsession! Good thing we’ve got plenty to go around here in NYC!

Not so much. ๐Ÿ™ There have been some food trucks as of late, and thank goodness we have Mexican residents selling their amazing creations, but that’s really about it.

Unacceptable as far as I’m concerned!

Maybe you should start a petition to some would be restaurateurs to follow their dreams and open a food truck!

Health codes?? Seriously?! If NYC’s health codes allow it, then surely Chicago’s do!

Add to that something about food licenses not issued to businesses that don’t have a building, and street vendors are out. That’s what I’ve heard, but would have to look into it more. Still, ridiculous, isn’t it….

Oh, man… you’re making me homesick. Austin has a pretty amazing gourmet food truck scene too with some of the best food at better than reasonable prices as well. When we get back to the States, we plan on road tripping some more and Seattle is a must for us!

Hahaha! NYC has made me a food truck fanatic! They’re like the modern, gourmet version of the street food you see in other countries!

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