About the Last Few Months (or, I’m Back!)

You ever get those moments where you feel like taking a break? Those moments where, try as you might, you can’t seem to get anything accomplished? Yeah, that’s been me the past few months, which is exactly why things have been a bit quiet around here lately.

Fear not! I have not disappeared off the face of the Earth! I just took a bit of a break from blogging as things trudged on in my life. Since February, I’ve worked a bit. I’ve sat around my apartment pondering the meaning of life (or wasting time, depending on how you choose to describe it). Heck, I even did a bit of traveling!

In March, I got so sick of the seemingly endless New York winter that I jetted off to California for a few weeks. I saw my family, including my new nephew. And I took a pretty spectacular road trip up the Pacific Coast, taking U.S. Highway 101 all the way from San Francisco to Seattle, driving around Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. On the way back, I took California Highway 1, which hugs the seashore for most of its journey.

Pacific Coast
The Pacific Coast along US 101 in Oregon
Pacific Coast
The Pacific Coast along California Route 1

I also took a fairly spontaneous trip to Boston the last weekend of March. I’ve been discovering more and more areas of the far reaches of New York City (shoutout to Made in Brooklyn Tours and Walks of New York, who helped introduce me to more and more of this great city). And by the time you read this, I’ll actually be on a road trip to visit some U.S. National Parks on the East Coast…Shenandoah in Virginia and the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. Stay tuned for tales about how that goes!

Massachusetts State House
The Massachusetts State House in Boston

I’m also very excited to try out my new toy! I’ve spent a lot of time researching mirrorless digital cameras and finally settled on the Samsung NX300, which I just picked up yesterday! Now, you’re probably thinking, “Samsung? I’ve never heard of their cameras!” I was the same way, until I began one of many, many journeys to B&H, the king of New York City photography stores. There I got a chance to play with different models and I really fell in love with the Samsung for its great image quality, cheap lenses, excellent touch screen interface and useful WiFi capabilities. I’m excited to try this camera out this week and share what will hopefully be even better photos with you!

Samsung NX300

So, this is just a quick note to say that I’m back!! Did you miss me? I missed sharing my adventures with you! And while the adventures have been a bit more tame lately (haven’t booked any more spontaneous flights across the world…yet), I’m excited to get back to this blog that I’ve been neglecting. Here’s to things to come!

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19 replies on “About the Last Few Months (or, I’m Back!)”

I have missed you! Great to read you’ve been having much needed fun… now grab that Samsung and head to the Arctic to visit me this summer!

The snow will be gone next month – or so they tell me. Ha!

Welcome back, Aaron! Good to know that you’re OK. Hope you enjoyed your blogging break, which you no doubt deserved. Looking forward to photos from your other US trips – I don’t know a lot about the national parks in your country, but pretty much all the photos I’ve seen make them look like gorgeous places to visit.

Thanks Sam! I just got back from that trip and it was very nice, though I have to say that the Western U.S. has better National Parks than the East does.

It was a lot of fun, though I think I was hit with that jaded traveler feeling. Most of the U.S. National Parks I’ve been to are in the West Coast, where I feel like the scenery is much better (Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Olympic, etc). I was also rather taken aback by the Vegas-like feeling of the surrounding towns to the Smokies, what with all the Dolly Parton attractions and Ripley’s Believe It or Not mini golf! The park was very pretty though!

i completely understand, i myself am going through “the burnout”. in my case, I’ve just been sooo busy with my online business ventures and the added frustrations that come with raising two (now three!) girls all at the same time. a trip to the movies isn’t going to fix this one. i need a vacation.

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