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Gateway: Asia

Hong Kong. I don’t think I can quite sum up in words just how fascinating this eclectic city is. With its storied past, it is a place of contradictions, and much like every big city, character. The city is a teeming metropolis that can feel cozy at times. On the surface its rush, rush, rush. […]

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An Odyssey of a Flight

23 hours. That’s how long it took from my takeoff from JFK to my touchdown in Hong Kong. The single longest of these segments was the first. My (hopefully) 5-star, 14 hour flight from JFK to Seoul (ICN). Curious for the experience, I boarded my very first 777 to find a roomy feeling cabin with […]

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Preventing Malaria: To Pill or Not to Pill

When traveling to less developed portions of the world, mosquitos are definitely something to keep an eye out for, particularly as they can carry two pretty nasty illnesses: Dengue Fever and Malaria, the later of which kills 1-3 million people each year. While Dengue Fever is not preventable using modern medicine, Malaria is…mostly. Let me […]

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A Trip to the Chinese Consulate

On Friday, I set off on one necessary trip preparation item. I trekked out to Manhattan’s far west side to pay a visit to the Consulate of the People’s Republic of China. My visa application filled out and ready to go, I entered the cavernous marble building at the corner of 12th Avenue and 42nd […]

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One Month to Go!

One month from today, I will be stepping aboard a wide body jet that will whisk me off on my Asian odyssey! And what a busy month it will be! On my agenda: Obtain a Chinese Visa Investigate and open a bank account that does not charge for international ATM withdrawals Cancel my health insurance […]

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Choosing the Right Travel Insurance

It seems like there’s insurance for everything these days! I met someone at a CouchSurfing event on Thursday who worked for a company the insured insurance companies! So, it’s only fitting that insurance has found it’s way to the travel industry. You’ve probably seen travel insurance offers before. Nearly every flight booking site offers you […]

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Booking Cheap Flights

Anyone who’s looked at airplane tickets with a budget eye knows how maddening it can be. Take it from me, the latest in a long line of frugals, waiting to see if that airfare drops another cent can be agonizing. I definitely lost a few nights of sleep obsessing about when that airfare would drop […]

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