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Life Cycle

It began as an overcast day, perhaps an indication of the deeds to be done. This was the day where my family and I would do the one thing we came to Bhutan to do. This entire trip, especially the Bhutan section, is dedicated to the memory of my Grandmother, who had previously traveled to […]

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Shangri-La, Really!

Would you believe that there is a far off land where people still believe in a massive spiritual world filled with deities, both friendly and ferocious? A land where individuals will go to great lengths to appease those deities, including an annual ritual, which each household performs, to intricate paintings of phalluses on houses to […]

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Wings of a Dragon

Words cannot even begin to describe the (incredibly long) day that my family and I have just had. It began, of course, in Bangkok (where the rest of my family safely arrived on Sunday) at about 2:45 this morning. We had a flight to catch to what very likely may be the last “Shangri-La” left […]

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