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Heaven on a Kayak in Parry Sound

“Who here has been in a kayak before?,” our leader asked. When only one of the fellow bloggers in my group raised their hand, our leader moved swiftly. “Tandem kayaks would probably be better,” she told the rest of us, as with two people the chances of you flipping the kayak are much smaller. I […]

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Moose, Ho! Ontario’s Algonquin Park by Canoe

“I’ll drive ahead and keep an eye peeled for moose,” we were told. Moose? How exciting! I mean, what could be more Canadian than that? How about the fact that we were venturing right into Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario’s Explorers’ Edge region to partake in the premiere activity that the park is known for… Canoeing! […]

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Escaping Reality to Tofino

It was a divine June day as the cold sea wind shocked some life into me. After all, it was not yet dawn and I was envisioning being in a warm bed, still staring at the inside of my eyelids. But instead, here I was, up at this ungodly hour, making my way to a […]

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