Airlines Asia 2013 Travel Stories

Travel on a Whim: Help Me Plan an Impromptu Adventure!

What would you do if you could wake up tomorrow and literally go anywhere? What would it feel like to do something like that on a whim? To open a map and point to a place and say, “I’m going to go there!” And then, in the next few days, actually make it there? Travel […]

Airlines Middle East 2012

Flying the Singapore Airlines Way on the Airbus A380

Growing up, I heard a lot about Singapore Airlines. My globetrotting grandmother who served as quite the travel inspiration in my life absolutely raved about them, swearing up and down that they were hands down the best airline in the world. So when I was searching for United award flights to Istanbul and an option appeared […]

Airlines Middle East 2011/12 Travel Stories

AeroSvit…A Terrible Flying Experience!

I love free plane tickets. They encourage me to spend time in places I wouldn’t make it to so easily otherwise. I don’t love not being able to decide any details about my travel plans though, which was exactly the case with my latest trip to the Middle East. See, I came over with a […]

Airlines Social Media

How I Harnessed the Power of Social Media to Get What I Wanted

Ever had a company totally screw you over and wish you could do something about it? Ever felt insulted by said company’s lame attempts to make you happy but felt powerless to get anything more? Fear not, friends, I have a solution for you…Social Media! Now, you may be thinking, I never thought that Facebook […]

Airlines Travel Stories

Is There a Pilot Onboard?

What would you do if you were sitting on a plane, the door was closed, the flight attendants had announced to turn off your cell phones and then you hear, “Ummm….we have no pilot?” That is precisely what my fellow passengers on United Airlines flight 779 heard on June 19th, shortly before they were asked […]