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525,600 Minutes Have Come & Gone

For you math savvy folks (or theatre savvy folks) 525,600 minutes are the number of minutes in a year. It’s also the main line of the most famous song from RENT (“Seasons of Love”), sung at the beginning of Act II–New Year’s Eve. How fitting. 2007 has been a great year for me: I graduated […]

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This is it…the last night in Thailand

Well, this is it. The time I’ve been dreading for months has finally come. This is my last night in Thailand. And what am I doing to commemorate it? I’m spending the entire night sitting in the airport! My very long flight back to the U.S. departs Bangkok at 6:40am tomorrow morning (the 4th). Given […]

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January 1, 2550

That title sounds awfully futuristic doesn’t it? Well it isn’t, as that is the date here in Thailand. 2550 if the year of the Buddhist era, which is the calendar they use here. New Year’s Eve last night was a bit low key due to these simultaneous bombings in various parts of Bangkok. I’m here […]

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Again in the headlines

Brief note here…It’s New Year’s Eve and we made it back to Bangkok. Today was a great day (more later). We’d noticed something was up on the Thai news but couldn’t understand a word. I logged onto the computer and saw that 7 car bombs went off simultaneously here in Bangkok a few hours ago […]

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From Sunrise to Sunset

This morning began with a wake up call at 4:30am! Our guide met us at 5:10am and we made our way through the darkness back to Angkor Wat. Walking along the stone bridge and through the gate (which involves steps) was interesting by flashlight, but we were certainly not alone. We, as well as at […]

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Words cannot describe the wonders that we witnessed today in our second full day in Siem Reap and of touring the Temples of Angkor. This morning we visited the world-famous Angkor Wat, one of the 7 Wonders of the World. It was definitely apparent why it fits into that status. It was absolutely breathtaking. So […]

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One year…7th country!

Greetings from Siem Reap in Cambodia! Much like Halong Bay in Vietnam, this city exists because of its proximity to the Temples of Angkor, with its famous Angkor Wat, which we’ll see tomorrow morning. But first, here’s how we got here… Our flight to Siem Reap left Bangkok at 2:45pm yesterday and we’d kind of […]

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