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The Travesty That Was Christmas Eve in Bethlehem: Part I (The Good)

“Millions of the faithful gather in Manger Square to celebrate the birth of Christ,” scream the headlines. After all, if there’s one place in the world that you would want to spend Christmas Eve, wouldn’t it be in Bethlehem? No, not Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, I mean the real Bethlehem. You know, the one where Christ is […]

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Hanukkah in Jerusalem’s Old City (VIDEO)

Hanukkah (or Chanukah, depending on which transliteration you go for) is a pretty exciting time in Israel. The candles, the cheer, the doughnuts… Yes, the doughnuts, a special Hanukkah treat that Israelis are down right obsessed with. See, I went to Israel expecting to find that Israelis ate latkes as a Hanukkah treat like their […]

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AeroSvit…A Terrible Flying Experience!

I love free plane tickets. They encourage me to spend time in places I wouldn’t make it to so easily otherwise. I don’t love not being able to decide any details about my travel plans though, which was exactly the case with my latest trip to the Middle East. See, I came over with a […]

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Is There a Pilot Onboard?

What would you do if you were sitting on a plane, the door was closed, the flight attendants had announced to turn off your cell phones and then you hear, “Ummm….we have no pilot?” That is precisely what my fellow passengers on United Airlines flight 779 heard on June 19th, shortly before they were asked […]

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Vancouver Riots–The Untold Story

“Vancouver Canucks fans riot in the streets after Stanley Cup loss” screamed the headlines, as a mob of fans smashed and burned cars and looted stores. To myself and others who had recently been in Vancouver for the TBEX conference of Travel Bloggers, this was quite a shock. After all, we had all witnessed the […]

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Celebrating Life and Travel Heroism

It was a crisp, clear morning. A cool breeze was blowing as the piercing blue of the sky was punctuated by fluffy white clouds. An elder man in red and saffron robes led us down a rocky riverbed to a spot where the river water circulated in an unusual counter-clockwise motion, a significant direction thought […]

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Phallus Alert: Fertility Blessings in Bhutan!

“Love” is in the air. Or so you may think the first time you hear the phrase, “Phallus alert!” If you’re planning on visiting Bhutan, undoubtedly one of the last true “Shangri-La’s” left on Earth, you should expect to hear this phrase on a regular basis. Don’t worry…you won’t see people walking around naked. But […]

Thailand Travel Stories

“There’s No School Today, The Government’s Been Overthrown”

Imagine if you’re waiting for the school bus one day and the librarian walks over and casually says… “There’s no school today, the government’s been overthrown.” That was exactly what happened to me on the morning of September 19, 2006. You see, I was studying in Thailand at the time and in the dark of […]