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RIP, My Travel Companion (An Ode to My Flip-Flops)

Have you ever looked back at certain items you always travel with and thought about just how far that object had been with you? Don’t worry, I don’t usually do that either… That is, until, I had to replace my flip-flops while I was in Indonesia… You’re probably thinking I’m crazy right about now, aren’t […]

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Can Travel be Unethical?

The world is a complicated place. There are countless people just like you and me who live under brutal, autocratic regimes who do not enjoy the same freedoms that those of us in the west enjoy. And with that in mind, I have to ask… Can travel be unethical? Yes. At least in my opinion. […]

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Travel Ethics: Handouts

Hey, tourist! Yeah, I’m talking to you in the tour group. And to you with the backpack traveling solo. Haven’t you ever read up on travel ethics?? One of the biggest things is that you shouldn’t give stuff to kids! Let me say that again a little louder… DON’T GIVE STUFF TO KIDS! I know, […]