Africa 2016 Kenya Travel Tips

How to Book a Budget Safari in Kenya

Kenya. The mere word just has a certain aura about it, doesn’t it? These mystical images of the African Savanna come into your mind, which simply teem with wild animals in all their majesty. Just mentioning the word “Safari” evokes visions of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But those experiences do not come cheap! Looking at safaris […]

Bhutan Travel Tips

The Bhutan Visa Myth

Ah, Bhutan. Its mere name evokes visions of a far-off “Shangri-La.” A Himalayan kingdom steeped in customs, where traditional dress is the norm and mystical rituals are alive and well. A land where monasteries are perched on cliffs and the King might just come up and shake your hand. Ever since my family and I […]

Travel Gear Travel Tips

Why Merino Wool is the Ideal Fabric for Travel

I have a confession to make. Something I’ve been wanting to tell you about for a real long time… Okay, here goes… I am in love with Merino wool. Phew! Glad that’s off my chest. And right now, you may be thinking, “Merino wool? That’s a funny thing to be in love with.” Yes, I […]

Social Media Travel Ethics Travel Tips

Can Travel be Unethical?

The world is a complicated place. There are countless people just like you and me who live under brutal, autocratic regimes who do not enjoy the same freedoms that those of us in the west enjoy. And with that in mind, I have to ask… Can travel be unethical? Yes. At least in my opinion. […]

Jordan Middle East 2011/12 Photos Travel Tips

Hiking Petra: How To Experience the Best of the “Rose-Red City”

What pops into your head when you hear the word Petra? The “Rose-Red City?” Perhaps a certain building that was featured in “Indiana Jones and the Lost Crusade?” That’s the Treasury (also called Al-Khazneh), a jaw dropping sight. You get the first glimpses as you emerge from the seemingly never-ending Siq, a sort of canyon […]

Middle East 2012 Travel Ethics Travel Tips Turkey

Travel Ethics: Handouts

Hey, tourist! Yeah, I’m talking to you in the tour group. And to you with the backpack traveling solo. Haven’t you ever read up on travel ethics?? One of the biggest things is that you shouldn’t give stuff to kids! Let me say that again a little louder… DON’T GIVE STUFF TO KIDS! I know, […]

Iraq Middle East 2012 Travel Tips

I’m Going to Iraq!

When I was in Israel, I took a seat on a bus bound for Eilat, which was apparently a very popular destination at the time. Foreigners packed the back of the bus, where there were not enough seats to go around. Thankfully, I had one, situated next to an ever-so-young Israeli soldier carrying a machine […]

Middle East 2011/12 Travel Tips

Ill-Prepared for Travel

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so ill-prepared for a trip before! See, tomorrow (Tuesday, December 6) I am leaving on a jet plane on the longest flight I’ve taken since my 3-month Adventures in Asia in 2010. This time I’m off to the Middle East for a 6 week jaunt through Israel and Jordan. […]