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Mourning a loss, though I keep on going

I suppose you’re wondering what that loss is…my camera! My wonderful camera that has the photo record of my entire trip! Gone! I believe I accidentally left it on the train last night and one of the cleaning people or someone probably picked it up. It made this morning quite hectic. But let me start […]

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Trekking into the Hills–Sapa Day 2

Well, I was right…there’s really nothing to do here after sunset! I mean the restaurants are open, and there are a couple of bars, but the town is mostly deserted, except for the occasionally hill-tribe member offering marijuana and opium and groups of Vietnamese playing a game similar to hackey-sack (did I spell that correctly?) […]

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Hanoi–Day 3

Alrighty…I started out the morning by packing and checking out of my room, before hustling on over to the Water Puppet theatre to see a performance. It was incredible!! The performance was just under 1 hour long and was comprised of maybe 15 vignettes. A traditional Vietnamese orchestra accompanied them and provided the voices. The […]

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