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The Worst Subway Ride Ever!

I believe the NYC Subway is the only subway system in the world which fully operates 24 hours a day. Of course, late night service is pretty slimed down with trains coming every 20-30 minutes or so (and of course are standing room only). But even with the slower trains, I’ve still always gotten home […]

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Subway Culture

As the Subway system slowly (very slowly) modernizes, newer trains are starting to have pre-recorded announcements that are clear and easy to understand. That’s great, right? Well, there are probably just as many if not more older trains where the conductor makes the announcements live. And yes, many times you can’t quite make out what […]

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As spotted on the Subway…

New Yorkers are big dog fans, which seems like a rather odd thing. This isn’t exactly the most dog friendly place with the abundance of cramped apartments and lack of backyards and space for the dogs to run around. That doesn’t seem to stop people thought, as dogs on the street are an all too […]

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