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Biking Anchorage: The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

My calves were screaming at me. It was mile 10 of my 22-mile roundtrip bike ride (35.4 km) and I was exhausted as I huffed and puffed my way through the last, all uphill mile. As I swerved around a tree that had fallen in the middle of the trail, I heard a rustling nearby. […]

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Anchorage Restaurants: A Foodies Paradise

When you think of culinary capitals of the world, what pops into your head? New York? London? Anchorage? Wait, Anchorage? Yes, that’s right, turns out Alaska’s largest city has a culinary scene to make your mouth water. Not only some amazingly fresh and delectable seafood, but also a vast craft beer scene too that I’d […]