Photos Say What??

Say What??–”Fire Prevention”

The Chinese like to smoke. A lot. “No Smoking” signs are no deterrent. So it’s no wonder that the Chinese government goes to great lengths in its UNESCO World Heritage Sites (at least the two that I visited) to remind folks to take measures against fire prevention. Amongst the sheer beauty of the hike up […]

Asia 2010 South Korea

Lanterns in Seoul

If you had an 8 hour layover and didn’t need a visa for the country, would you stay in the airport? That was the very thought running through my head as I was booking my return ticket to New York from Shanghai. See, I was due to spend a significant amount of time in Seoul, […]

Asia 2006 Thailand

"Bridge on the River Kwai"

Well last night was a bit rough, though I’m a bit unsure why. I was cold at times (we had a fan that was on too powerfully) and my roommate had the blanket. I turned down the fan later on. I think I slept for a little bit, though not quite as long as I’d […]