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Say What?? Travel Photo: Fear Factor?

The lights flash. The music starts. The camera angle dramatically changes. This is the TV show “Fear Factor,” here in Lijiang, China witn their latest gross eating stunt. After all, why else would anyone give a restaurant this name? (And no, nobody was actually filming an episode of “Fear Factor”…but “Fear Factor…” “Rice Noodle Factor…” […]

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Say What?? Travel Photo: China Who?

China is a big country. And that big country has two very big cell phone carriers. They have offices just about everywhere so I’m sure everyone can learn their names and distinctive logos: Photo Credit: Wikipedia Photo Credit: Berllin Heck, even their names are always written in both English and Chinese. This just isn’t a […]

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Say What?? Travel Photo: Minors?

WARNING! THIS POST MAY OR MAY NOT CONTAIN INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT AND/OR THEMES! OR MAYBE IT WON’T… EITHER WAY, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Welcome to “Say What??,” my ongoing series of signage from around the world that makes you scratch your head and say, “What??” Today’s, “Say What??” is coming to you on a brand new […]

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Old China: Disney-fied

What is it about fame that changes people…or towns for that matter? As if I hadn’t experienced enough of a town gone famous in Lijiang, I’m now getting a full dose of it in Dali (pronounced Daw-lee), another of Yunnan’s “must see” sights. Touristy barely begins to describe this town (and Lijiang, for that matter); […]

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Old Towner

Picture, if you will, that vision of ancient China you’ve always had. Tiny stone streets that weave their way from one plaza to another, passing endless Chinese-style buildings with that oh-so-distinctive style of roof. Now what if I told you I was standing in the midst of a Chinese town that looked just like that […]

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