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Say What?? Travel Photo: Bhutan Toilet Etiquette

Behold the grandeur of Punakha Dzong! Inside this massive former fortress lies a seat of local power in Bhutan. But those government officials don’t have the whole place to themselves! No, no. Like all Dzong’s in the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon, this is not only a civic center but a monastery as well. In […]

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Phallus Alert: Fertility Blessings in Bhutan!

“Love” is in the air. Or so you may think the first time you hear the phrase, “Phallus alert!” If you’re planning on visiting Bhutan, undoubtedly one of the last true “Shangri-La’s” left on Earth, you should expect to hear this phrase on a regular basis. Don’t worry…you won’t see people walking around naked. But […]

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During our days in Bhumtang, Bhutan, Sither, our guide, thought it might be interesting for us to visit a local monastery which housed hundreds of young monks studying their Buddhist scriptures. Every afternoon, they study by having a public “debate” on scriptural issues. Monks debating in a language I couldn’t understand? Sounded interesting enough! As […]