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Say What?? Travel Photos: Valuables

Buddhism in China is a funny thing. It certainly doesn’t manifest itself in the same way as it does in Southeast Asia or even in Tibet. In fact, in many parts, you wouldn’t even know that Buddhism really existed in China (though remember two words that contributed greatly to that…Cultural Revolution). That’s not to say […]

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Say What?? Travel Photo: Shhhh…

You’ve heard of Chengdu, right? No? Well it’s the capital of a Chinese province famed for its firey cuisine! Yes, I speak of the Sichuan province, though you probably know it by an alternate spelling often found throughout Chinese Restaurants in the U.S…Szechuan. (In fact the pronounciation is closer to Suh-Chwan). Sichuan Province borders Tibet. […]

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Say What?? Travel Photo: Condoms Anyone?

Would you believe me if I told you that there was a restaurant centered around condoms? Now, if I told you that restaurant was in Bangkok, Thailand, you’d probably get all these awful images in your head, right? But this celebrated restaurant isn’t part of the city’s famed seedy underbelly. In fact it’s a classy touristy […]

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Say What?? Travel Photo: Title

Bangkok is a city of many food courts. But it’s not quite the type of food court you like to think of. You see, the Thai version of a food court involves booths that only make one or two unique items. Often times, these will have a central cashier somewhere. That’s not to say that […]

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Say What?? Travel Photo: Choose 4

See that picture up there? Look closely and it just screams tourist attraction. Now, would you believe that grandiose scene is in Bangkok, Thailand? After all, that big lit up sign is only in English… This is Bangkok’s rather enormous (and touristy) Suan Lum Night Bazaar. No, you won’t find too many crafts here, but […]

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Say What?? Travel Photo: Foot Etiquette

Buddhist temples, much like all religious structures, have a certain code of etiquette attached to them, the most important of which deal with ones feet. Often times, it can be difficult for western visitors to know these rules, so someone in the dzong (former fortress now serving as a temple and civic center) in Punakha, […]

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Say What?? Travel Photo: Closed

Throughout Southeast Asia there is one ubiquitous sign that can be spotted nearly everywhere: No, not “Lao Food” (though this photo is from the Lao capital of Vientiane). “Close.” That’s not to say that you are close to the restaurant. No, no. The restaurant is Closed. This can’t solely be blamed on some translation faux […]

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Say What?? Travel Photo: Black Friday

It’s Black Friday here in the U.S., the single biggest shopping day of the year. It is so named because it’s the day retailers turn a profit (moving into the black, as in a positive cash flow), usually caused by their deep, deep discounts on products to urge consumers to buy! But in “red” China, […]

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