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Say What?? Travel Photo: Bhutan Toilet Etiquette

Behold the grandeur of Punakha Dzong! Inside this massive former fortress lies a seat of local power in Bhutan. But those government officials don’t have the whole place to themselves! No, no. Like all Dzong’s in the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon, this is not only a civic center but a monastery as well. In […]

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2010’s Weirdest Travel Experiences

2010 was quite the travel year for me! 8 countries, 10 U.S. states, 37 bus journeys, 16 flights and 2 train rides. Somewhere in those figures are a whole lot of weird experiences. Here are some of my favorites: The Temple of the Divine Madman A walk through Bhutan’s “Village of Phalluses” gives way to […]