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My New Backpack is 1/3 the Size of My Old One. Am I Crazy??

Traveling light is a mantra to live by. While I always heard this statement, I never quite took it to heart. That is, until I had to hike up a mountain with my full, 45 pound (20.4 kilogram) pack on just to find some accommodation for the night! But here’s the thing. Before I set off […]

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Why Travel Is Not a Vacation

I don’t like vacations. I don’t take them and I don’t like the concept of them. As such, I got a bit annoyed when I returned from my recent three month stint in Asia only to have everyone ask me, “how was your vacation??” My oh-so-well practiced response to them is always, “I wasn’t on […]

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Life Cycle

It began as an overcast day, perhaps an indication of the deeds to be done. This was the day where my family and I would do the one thing we came to Bhutan to do. This entire trip, especially the Bhutan section, is dedicated to the memory of my Grandmother, who had previously traveled to […]