As Spotted on the Subway NYC

As Spotted on the Subway #127

MetroCardFor the year and I half I’ve lived in this great city, I have very rarely ventured out of Manhattan. In fact, aside from the airports, the only places I’ve been since apartment hunting were Astoria (Queens) and Williamsburg (Brooklyn), both once and to see friends. Of course, back in my apartment hunting days, I made it to the outer boroughs often.

Out of the many subways that cross the East River, only 7 lines (out of 23..26 if you count the Shuttles) make that cross above ground on a mere 2 bridges. The J-M-Z cross on the Williamsburg Bridge, while the B-D-N-Q cross the Manhattan Bridge.

My latest theatre job is rehearsing in downtown Brooklyn and I had to head down there this morning for a meeting…my first time in the Park Slope area since in over a year! The Q train took me right across the Manhattan Bridge, giving a striking view of Lower Manhattan and even a peek at the Statue of Liberty. This great view all for a mere Subway fare. It certainly gives you a new appreciation for what a special place this is. Of course, if it was my daily commute, I’m sure the grandeur would wear off!

Once we were in Brooklyn, a guy got on at the first stop, seemingly to ask for money, which is not at all an unusual sight. But he didn’t want money. Instead he carried a small bible and started pacing up and down the car preaching loudly about salvation and God and whatnot. Thank goodness for my headphones, but I can’t honestly say I’ve ever seen anyone preaching on the train before! The stations and street, yes, but train, no!

Later, I was meandering 5th Ave and all the sales everyone was having now that Christmas is over and I happened to wander into Brooks Brothers (don’t worry, I can’t afford their sale prices either). The second floor is home to all their suits and back in the corner, near the tuxes (and away from everyone else), a couple of sales associates were busy attending to a customer who looked remarkably like Rupert Murdoch! I just can’t imagine that someone as rich as him would actually shop for his own clothes, but who knows?


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