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Say What??–Pepper Shaker

At the southern tip of Laos, the mighty Mekong River expands to reveal thousands of tiny little islands…Four Thousand, or so it’s named. The 3 largest are inhabited and have become a significant stop on the backpacker trail for those seeking a bit of relaxation (or for those who just can’t get enough of those Thai islands).

Si Phan Don, as it’s called in Lao, was absolutely one of the highlights of my trip. It’s incredibly laid back environment was perfect for lounging around in a hammock all afternoon (or for the more adventurous, exploring the islands by bike).

Salt and Paper

Now, you’d think with so many foreigners around they’d have mastered the English language, but of course, that’s not the case! So today’s “Say What??” comes from a restaurant on Don Khone, the island which I stayed on.

I’m sorry, but I have to ask…would you like some paper on your meal tonight?

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