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My Favor Steak

The Chinese custom of “creative” restaurant naming continuous! Remember the Come Bar? Well, further south in Yunnan’s provincial capital of Kunming sits a sign embrazoned with the words you see above…”MY FAVOR STEAK.”

I’d say it’s safe to assune that the intention here was to name this place, “My Favorite Steak,” as last time I checked, steak’s didn’t do favors, nor were they given out as (party) favors (though I’m sure somewhere in the world someone has given out steaks as party favors…). I suppose it could be missing a few words, like “My Favor (to you is a) Steak.”

But knowing the Chinese and their aptitude for nonsensical English translations (affectionally called Chinglish or Engrish), I’m just going to go with “My Favorite Steak.” After all, there certainly wasn’t a heck of a lot of competition when it came to steak restaurants, so maybe that phrase wasn’t quite as absurd as it sounds!

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