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Say What?? Travel Photo: Gibberish

It’s not often that you see a sign that quite literally makes absolutely no sense at all whatsoever. I mean, at the very least you can usually determine what the intent in the meaning was. Well, I give you the granddaddy of signs that make you say, “What??” A sign so nonsensical that it’s just begging to be photographed!

Plateall Holyor Ganis - Genuine Yak Eather Ood

“Pleateall Holyor Ganis Food – Genuine Yak Eather Ood.” I mean…there’s only 3 words in there that are actually words! Food, Genuine & Yak. So I’m really stumped here. Especially because the store doesn’t appear to be selling any food!

Perhaps the intention is to say something along the lines of “Organic Food – Genuine Yak Leather?” I can’t even begin to identify the first 2 and the last words!

Either way, this store selling what I presume to be Yak-related products, was located in Shangri-La. No, not the true, otherworldly Shangri-La that is the Kingdom of Bhutan, but the town in China’s Yunnan province that was renamed from Zhongdian in order to attract more tourists! It certainly seems to have worked too, for better or worse!

Since this one stumps me so much, I’d like to know what you think this might mean! Any thoughts? Please leave them in the comments below!

Say What?? is a thrice weekly series featuring numerous hilarious signs from my travels. Check back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for updates! Or better yet, subscribe to my RSS feed to receive them automatically!

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