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Say What?? Travel Photo: Suicide Prevention

"Loving life. Don't turn round the hand rail."

Do you love your life? Well if you do, it kind of goes without saying that you shouldn’t step off a sheer cliff, especially amidst incredibly thick fog because you’re up at 10,000 feet!

Emei Shan is one of China’s four sacred Buddhist peaks. Located in the western Sichuan province, this UNESCO World Heritage Site proved, in retrospect, to be one of the highlights of my Asian adventure. There was nothing quite like the experience of spending a night in a Buddhist temple and being awoken at 6:30am by the monks doing their morning chants!

Along the rather greuling hike up the mountain came many-a-sign that was worth photographing, but the one above particularly stuck out to me for it’s rather blunt language that I do believe relates to suicide prevention! I mean, it’s fairly straightforward, right? “Loving Life? Don’t turn round the handrail” because you will fall off that cliff to your death…

Oh, China, how I miss thee!

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