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Say What?? Travel Photo: The End of Laos

Can't Go Any Further so Enjoy a Beer!

At the southern tip of Laos lie the truly blissful Si Phan Don (literally 4,000 islands), named for the thousands of little sand bars that appear once mighty Mekong River recedes in the dry season. When I say southern tip, I mean that Cambodia is quite literally a stone’s throw away!

During my days on Don Khone (Khone Island), the southernmost point on Lao soil, my newfound American friend and I biked to the very end of the world…well at least as far as we could possibly go on our current visas! There, we were greeted by the amusing array of signs pictured above.

From the inexplicable “Welcome Somsith Boa-Man” sign to the lengthy explanation (“End of Khone Island Bicycle. Stop. Here No. Way. For. Bicycle. Only Walk to Beach See View Cambodia and Dolphins. Time. For. A. Cold. Beer-Laos. Beautiful View of Sunrise and Sunset”) encouraging you to kick back and have a cold Beerlao because you really couldn’t go any further, these signs were just begging to photographed and featured as a travel photo! (Oh and in case you’re curious, by dolphins, they mean the rare freshwater Irrawaddy Dolphins).

So here we are! And I must say, if there’s one phrase on that sign that really speaks volume about the pace of life in southern Laos, it’s “Time for a cold Beer-Laos.” Cue the hammock and the chickens walking down the street…this is laid back island life!

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