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Say What?? Travel Photo: Trash Can

Bhutanese Trash Can

Behold, the “Use Me” bin, ubiquitous in the tiny Himalayan nation of Bhutan! These rather ingenious trash cans are scattered around the Bhutanese Kingdom, kindly requesting that you simply use them. And for a nation that has built itself on environmental sustainability, it only makes sense that they should gently poke the public to properly dispose of their refuse.

When I say Bhutan has built itslef on environmental sustainability, I really mean it. The government outlaws the slaughter of animals due to the Buddhist precept against harming other creatures, all power is generated hydroelectrically without the use of dams and any trees chopped down must be replaced.

Though these trash cans are found nation wide, the particular bin feautred in the photo above comes from the town of Jakar, seat of the central Bumthang region.

This just leads me to wonder… If trash cans in NYC politely asked people to use them, would my neighborhood be any cleaner?

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