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Say What?? Travel Photo: Lighting

Near the overrated Chinese tourist hot spot of Guilin lies one of its star attractions…the equally overrated “Seven Stars Scenic Area.” Aside from a cave that was illuminated in a rainbow of colors and a whole host of man made “attractions,” there wasn’t a whole lot that impressed me about this place. That is, except this:

"Lighting-prone area Please do not climbing"

Yes, the “Lighting Prone Area.” Just remember that since the area is prone to being lit, you shouldn’t “climbing.”

Now, this is right next to a staircase. I assume what they’re trying to say is that you shouldn’t go off the trail or something because you may get struck with lightning. But lighting up the stairs so someone can see at night is much nicer! Sadly, I didn’t stick around till dark to see if they would light up the area…

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Aaron, great sign! One of my favorite series of photos are Chinglish signs in China. Wish I’d taken more photos when I was there of these signs – so many truly “lost in translation.” Loved Guilin – the surrounding area is truly enchanting. Just posted a review of the Guilin Bravo Hotel on my site yesterday. I look forward to following more of your blog – found you Twitter #TT! I’m @TravelProducer.

Thanks! Yeah I got a real kick out of all those signs that were “lost in translation” that I amassed quite a photo collection of them!

I wasn’t so hot on Guilin itself, but Yangshuo and the Longji Rice Terraces were just incredible!

Nice review! The lakeside area is really beautiful and far enough away from the hubbub surrounding the People’s Square…

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