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Say What?? Travel Photo: Choose 4

Faux Khmer-style Temple at Suan Lum Night Bazaar

See that picture up there? Look closely and it just screams tourist attraction. Now, would you believe that grandiose scene is in Bangkok, Thailand? After all, that big lit up sign is only in English…

This is Bangkok’s rather enormous (and touristy) Suan Lum Night Bazaar. No, you won’t find too many crafts here, but you can find a whole lot of everything else, from clothing to corny tchotchkes. But aside from seemingly endless rows of goods, Suan Lum Night Bazaar also features a concert area flanked by an enormous Thai-style food court, where one can sample a wide array of Thai and (bad) international cuisine.

It is at this food court that the pristine English seen in the picture above stops. For these mere food vendors out to make a living aren’t always content with the signage at their restaurants. And so, they take to the computer and a printer to advertise items or set ground rules, like, say, this one:

"Select Up to Four Such."

Yes, here you are free to “Select up to four such”…I mean “items.” This simple case of a wrong choice of a final word gave me a chuckle. It’s possible that maybe there was a second page to this sign, allowing it to further tell you which items you can select…(“Select up to four, such as…”). Or…maybe not…

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