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Say What?? Travel Photo: China Who?

China is a big country. And that big country has two very big cell phone carriers. They have offices just about everywhere so I’m sure everyone can learn their names and distinctive logos:

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Berllin

Heck, even their names are always written in both English and Chinese. This just isn’t a name you can butcher, right?

Well, not quite. Enter the touristy town of Dali, famous for its nearby 3 Pagodas.

And famous for this…

China Moves & China Cnicom

Yes that is the very same China Mobile and China Unicom, though this time sold through a family owned shop. As for the names…well…umm….errr…any ideas?

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4 replies on “Say What?? Travel Photo: China Who?”

Maybe they’re trying to be creative? Perhaps they think they’re using intentional misspellings in a unique way? Or maybe a unicorn is making their signs now, thanks to budget cuts in the sign-making industry. Not sure….

Haha given China’s track record strangely translated signage, I don’t think it’s intentional. Love your unicorn suggestion though! LOL!

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